Soil! - a travelling exhibition for the public

The exhibition "Soil!" will be on a tour of Switzerland through this year and the next.

​To mark the International Year of Soils 2015, NRP 68 launched the exhibition "Soil!" in collaboration with the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG), the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the Federal Office for Spatial Planning (ARE) and the industry partner Syngenta.

A five-metre carrot breaking through a tarmac road - this is the hallmark of the exhibition "Soil!". The larger-than-life image grabs peoples' attention and excites their curiosity about soil. Soil is a very delicate habitat with great biodiversity, as well as the basis for human life. The goal of the exhibition is to sensitise people to soil as a precious resource. The five thematic boxes surrounding the carrot introduce the various functions of soil in an accessible way.

The exhibition was designed by Agentur Umsicht and inaugurated in June in the town of Zug. Through this year and the next, it will be on show at about a dozen different sites in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland: in September and October, the exhibition was open to visitors at the Pavion Sicli and the United Nations in Geneva as well as the OLMA in St. Gallen. In November, it will be on show at the Palexpo in Geneva. In April 2016, it will be at the LUGA in Lucerne, in May at the eco.festival in Basel and in September/October 2016 at the WEGA in Weinfelden.

Contact :

Agentur Umsicht, Lucerne Sibylle Lehmann, telephone 041 410 51 52 External Link Icon