NRP 68: Steering Committee President elected

Picture Prof. Josef Zeyer, Präsident der Leitungsgruppe des NFP 68

In December 2011, the Swiss National Research Council (SNSF) elected Josef Zeyer, Professor of environmental microbiology at the ETH in Zurich as President of the Steering Committee of the National Research Programme "Sustainable Use of Soil as a Resource" (NRP 68). Zeyer will chair the panel of international experts in the meeting for the evaluation of the pre-proposals. This panel is going to be set up in early 2012.

Once the pre-proposals have been evaluated, the SNSF Research Council will appoint the Steering Committee of NRP 68 from among the members of the panel. The Steering Committee will supervise NRP 68 and ensure that research results are transferred to the practical realm.

Other key figures of NRP 68 include:

  • Professor Daniel Wachter and Dr Christof Wenger as the federal government's observers;
  • Professor Thomas Bernauer as delegate of the Research Council, Programmes division;
  • Dr Pascal Walther, programme co-ordinator at the Administrative Offices of the SNSF.