3rd Programme Conference of NRP 68

Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer an der Montreux-Konferenz 2015 des NFP 68

Researchers, members of the Steering Committee and representatives of the Swiss Confederation met to outline the four thematic syntheses.

​Around 80 researchers of NRP 68, the Steering Committee and representatives of the Federal Offices (ARE, FOEN and FOAG) participated in the programme conference that took place at the Eurotel in Montreux on 12/13 November 2015.

Key outcomes in brief:

A lively debate took place with the aim of reaching a shared understanding of soil and its ecosystem services within the scope of NRP 68.

The topics of the five thematic syntheses were set:

  • Soils and food production
  • Soils and the environment
  • Spatial planning
  • Soil data, tools and methods
  • Soil governance

In poster sessions, researchers set the first cornerstones for the thematic syntheses.

Fact sheets were developed for three stakeholder workshops to be held in January 2016. The idea is to reflect project results with stakeholders and think about products for the thematic syntheses.

"I couldn't have wished for more and the conference was simply fantastic!", a project leader enthused. You can find images of the conference in the picture gallery External Link Icon.