Informative stakeholder workshops

Stakeholder Workshop

The synthesis phase of NRP 68 kicked off with a series of workshops at which researchers and stakeholders discussed the provisional research findings.

​During 2016, the first project teams set up under the auspices of NRP 68 will complete their research projects and work will begin on the synthesis. Five topic-based syntheses and one overall programme synthesis have been planned. To launch this phase of the process, NRP 68 organised three workshops in January, bringing together selected stakeholders to discuss the topics "Soil and agriculture", "Soil and environment"and "Spatial development and soil information". The individual project teams presented their provisional findings and suggested measures to the assembled stakeholders from federal and cantonal offices, industry and environmental associations, and private companies. The different participants evaluated the findings from their own perspectives. The outcomes of the discussions at the workshop will help to shape the thematic syntheses.

The next step will be for the designated synthesis leaders to prepare the concepts for the five thematic syntheses in the following topic areas by the end of May, after which they will be approved by the Steering Committee: "Soil and food production" (Raphaël Charles, FiBL) "Soil and environment" (Frank Hagedorn, WSL and Andreas Gattinger, FiBL) "Spatial development" (Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, ETH Zurich) "Soil information, methods and tools" (Armin Keller, Agroscope) "Soil governance" (Felix Walter, Ecoplan) The synthesis work is scheduled to start in autumn 2016.