NRP 68 "Soil as a Resource": work starts on programme synthesis

A focus will be on the ecosystem services and tools and strategies for a sustainable use of soil as a resource will be developed.

​Work on the five thematic syntheses will start in autumn 2016. Intensive exchanges with practitioners will be a key aspect of this work. An advisory group composed of representatives of different stakeholder groups is appointed for each thematic synthesis. The aim of the thematic syntheses is to place the research results within an overall context in line with the needs of stakeholders and to develop specific tools, concepts and strategies for practitioners and the cantonal and federal offices. These syntheses will make an important contribution to the programme's goals. Results are expected in spring 2018.

Information on the background, aims and significance of the syntheses can be found under "Thematic syntheses" on the NRP 68 website. The five thematic syntheses and their principal investigators are:

  • Soil and food production: Raphaël Charles, FiBL and Stéphane Burgos, BFH-HAFL and BGS
  • Soil and environment: Frank Hagedorn, WSL, Andreas Gattinger, FiBL and Andreas Schellenberger, BAFU
  • Soil resources in spatial development: Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, ETH Zurich und Lukas Bühlmann, VLP-ASPAN
  • Soil information, methods and instruments, Armin Keller, Agrocope (NABO), Andreas Papritz, ETH Zurich, Martin Zürrer, myx GmbH
  • Towards a Sustainable Soil Policy, Felix Walter, ecoplan

The challenges posed by the sustainable use of soil and the approaches developed in NRP 68 will be described in an overall synthesis. This document will also include the core messages and final recommendations of NRP 68, as defined by the programme's Steering Committee. It is expected to be published in spring 2019.