Symposium „Ways for a sustainable soil and land use - innovative instruments from research in dialogue with stakeholders”

sanu durabilities and NRP 68 discuss with experts for soil protection, spatial planners and environmental economists spatial policy measures and economic instruments for a sustainable soil and land use and provide insights into research projects.

Start27.10.2016 07:00
End27.10.2016 15:00
Registration deadline27.10.2016

​There is increasing competition for soil as a resource in Switzerland: on the one hand the required space is rising on the other, several public initiatives aim at preserving landscapes and counteracting further urban sprawl. In addition, spatial planning is bound to an economic soil use pursuant to constitution and law. New ways for a sustainable soil and land use are needed. The goal of the symposium is to showcase smart combinations of instruments for a qualitative soil protection and a quantitative spatial policy in order to ensure a sustainable use of soil and land.