Sustainable Soil Policy: Results of NRP 68

At the joint event of VLP-ASPAN and NRP 68, three of the five thematic syntheses will be presented and renowned experts from politics, authorities and associations will discuss the next steps after NRP 68 towards a sustainable soil policy.

Start02.05.2018 12:00
End02.05.2018 14:45
VenueKornhaus, Bern
Registration deadline02.05.2018

​Soil is a limited and practically non-renewable resource. It fulfils a wide range of functions, from the production of food to the support of settlement areas. NRP 68 has established a basis for a sustainable use of soil in Switzerland. To this end, both the ecological and economic performance of the soil was taken into account. The concept of ecosystem services makes it possible to value soil functions and their contribution to human well-being. In the thematic syntheses, the authors make suggestions as to how soil quality can be included in spatial planning and generally better anchored in soil policy. In addition, they show perspectives on how the data situation can be improved.

Armin Keller presents the results of the thematic synthesis TS4 "Soil Information Platform Switzerland PIP-CH", Adrienne Grêt-Regamey presents the thematic synthesis TS3 "A soil agenda for spatial planning" and Felix Walter presents the thematic synthesis TS5 "Ways to a Sustainable Soil Policy".